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You enjoy working independently but face some challenges.
We can help.

Your Challenges

Over the past year, we've met with many consultants across Canada who work independently or in small firms. You've told us you really enjoy the independence, flexibility and other benefits that working independently provides. But, you've also highlighted some of the challenges you face.

It's time consuming to track opportunities and make sure you're on the right lists.

Identifying Opportunities

RFPs are increasingly complex, proposals take a long time to assemble.

Proposal Writing

Large firms are better able to demonstrate they have the resources and track record needed to win the big, more complex projects.

Competing for Big Projects

Clients want teams of consultants with specialized skills, not just generalists. It can be hard to find the team members you need to meet the requirements.

Building Teams

New and useful tools & technologies are being introduced. But they can be very costly and difficult to implement.

Accessing Tools and Technology

You spend more time than you'd like on basic research and project administration and not enough on areas where you really add value.

Focusing on Your Core Skills

How We Can Help

The GGI Platform gives you more control over the way you work and the projects you work on.

The GGI Platform can connect you with our in-house team of leading consultants and our growing network of associates.

Build winning project teams

The GGI Platform can help you identify and pursue opportunities, tapping into GGI's proposal writing expertise and resources.

Close More Deals

Participate in our project teams and lean on GGI's size, track record and ability to navigate complex procurement requirements.

Work on More Complex Projects

We can support you with a wide range of research services, delivered quickly and cost-effectively.

Access research capabilities

We've been upgrading our capabilities in areas ranging from project management, surveying, and visualization to text, social media, big data and predictive analytics.

Access the tools Large Firms Use

Focus on what you do best — consulting — while the GGI team assists you with project management and administration.

Get More Support

Why Join?

Our associates are experienced consultants, evaluators, senior managers, and others with specialized skills and expertise relevant to clients. By joining the GGI Platform, you will continue to enjoy the benefits and lifestyle that comes with working independently while gaining access to benefits that come with working with a large consulting firm.

Some associates look at the GGI Platform as simply an additional source of work. However, most are drawn by opportunities to pursue larger projects, access leading-edge tools and resources, get assistance in marketing, proposal development and project implementation, and become a member of the GGI community.

There is no cost to you of becoming a GGI Associate. If you work on one of our projects, we negotiate the fees with you and typically apply a markup when invoicing the client. Where we assist you in obtaining or completing a project, we would negotiate the terms for those services with you.

By joining the GGI Platform, you make no commitment to work with us or to be a member of any of our project teams (we’ll first check with you before including you in a proposal or making client referrals). There are no restrictions whatsoever on your ability to pursue work on your own or work with other firms.


Three ways we commonly work with GGI Associates

You join our project teams

Underlying the GGI Platform is a searchable associate database that we use to build project teams that meet specific client needs. We contact you when your skills/experience meet the project requirements. Through the Platform, we can also link you directly to clients and other associates building their project teams.

We work with you on opportunities you identify

We can help you to build winning project teams, prepare proposals, and implement projects.

We joint market with you

We can work with you on identifying opportunities across Canada and internationally, getting on bidding lists, and implementing a targeted marketing program. We are experts in marketing services to prospective clients.


“We’ve partnered with GGI on a series of projects over the years and they are a pleasure to work with”

Long-time associate


"By working with GGI, I’ve been able to access assignments and assistance that I could not have on my own”

Long-time associate

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Any personalized registration information we collect from you will be used only for the purposes of identifying opportunities for us to work together. It will not be shared with any other parties without your consent. Our Privacy Policy is available here.