Delivering Leading-Edge Consulting Services in a Rapidly Changing World

Clients tell us their world is changing. Rapidly.
This is how we are helping them to respond.

Major Challenges Facing Clients

Clients are under increasing pressure from their own organization to produce results quickly and less expensively.


Clients recognize that new data sources, such as social media, are emerging but they're still struggling with how to make best use of them.


Clients want consultants with specialized skills, not just generalists. But they still prefer seamless experiences (not having to hire multiple firms to work on a project).


Clients are no longer interested in just overseeing a project. They want to get more involved because they understand research and know their organization.


Technology can significantly improve how data is collected, analyzed and presented. But these new technologies can be costly and difficult to implement.


Clients want consulting services that don't just report on research findings and recommendations but provide greater direction and support in implementing those recommendations.


Our Solution

We're taking advantage of emerging technologies to significantly improve how we create project teams, conduct research, manage projects, and communicate with our clients and associates.

Expanding our network of associates

We introduced the GGI Platform to grow and strengthen our network of associates, complementing our experienced in-house team of consultants. The GGI Platform enables us to quickly build strong, diverse project teams that feature the specific range of skills our clients need.

Investing in New Techonology

We're making significant investments in new technology to better serve our clients, upgrading our capabilities in areas such as project management, surveying, text and social media analytics, big data and predictive analytics, and infographics and visualization.

Offering a Broader Range of Services

We've broadened the range of high quality, innovative services that we can offer, building on our capabilities and those of our associates.

Expanding our Research Capabilities

We are greatly expanding our research capabilities to deliver a wider range of research services more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before. We are establishing Centres of Excellence to ensure that we remain on the leading edge.

When we first explain the GGI Platform to our clients, we often hear, "Well that sounds interesting. But what does it mean for us?" Simply put, it means that we can now provide you with a wider range of innovative high-quality services, delivered more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before by a strong and diverse team of consultants tailored to your specific needs.

Our Services — What We Can Do For You

If you have a research need, it is likely that either we have extensive experience in that area or one of our associates does. We can be the one-stop shop for your consulting needs.

Examples of some of the services that we regularly provide include:

  • Applied Social Research
  • Business Planning and Feasibility Studies
  • Cluster/Economic Development
  • Human Resource Development and Labour Market Research
  • Innovation & Commercialization
  • Investment Attraction & Trade Promotion
  • Market Assessment and Marketing Strategies
  • Organizational Development & Reviews
  • Policy Reviews and Analysis
  • Process Reviews & Reengineering
  • Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement
  • Public Consultation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Workplace Investigations


“They helped us scope the work, provided and executed a very comprehensive work plan, and consistently provided high-quality deliverables, on-time at a very competitive rate.”

Executive Director, Non-profit


"All deliverables were submitted on or before the due dates. The quality of writing was very good and any requests for additional analysis were addressed in a timely manner.”

Director of Evaluation, Government of Canada


"One of GGI’s most valuable attributes in the ability to develop an understanding of complex situations and provide clarity.”

CEO, Education and Training

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